Bahamas, baby! 

Are you planning a trip to the Bahamas in your near future but stressing over finding a place that provides adequate protection from the sun, a relaxing environment and food that plays well with your colorful medication list?  I have a quick a review of the perfect Bohemian resort! 

The One and Only, Ocean Club Bahamas is where it’s at!!!

After an early morning flight to Miami and connecting flight into the Bahamas , this spoonie was TIRED and the last thing I wanted to do was stand in a line at the check- in desk, so I was elated when we were greeted at the front door by a friendly smile and personal check-in service. Every thing we needed was prepared , a quick tour of the property was given , dinner reservations for our stay were made and a cold beverage was placed in my hand! 

Next we were escorted to our room which was on the second floor with options of a stair case or an elevator and a very short walk from everything I would need during our stay. When I entered the room I immediately felt a sense of calm and relaxation! Breathtaking views, comfy lounge chairs on the balcony, fluffy bedding , and a to-die-for bathtub to soak my achey body in! 

And there’s more… Bath salts, bubble bath , comfy bathrobe and slippers for those sweet Raynauds moments our feet tend to have!   This bath was like sweet relief!  And not to worry about any sensitive skin issues with these products, One and Only stocks each room with Lady Primrose products that are perfect for our unexpected skin flares

The living room was spacious and inviting and included a table for in room dining should you not enjoy dining al fresco. 

Waking up and hearing the sound of crashing waves in the ocean is one of my favorite things, I’m like a little girl and want to dart out the door and go play in the water. Being a lupus warrior, I have to take my mornings a little slower and make sure I eat breakfast before forcing my morning medications down ,  so the delicious breakfast served on our balcony was just what I needed. Gorgeous views, yummy food , and the company of my husband is a pretty spectacular breakfast. 

After eating we were ready for a day of fun in the sun, sand and water!  Ahh, not to worry , Ocean Clubs adult only pool has comfy chairs with umbrellas all around it so your spouse or friends can enjoy the water and the sun while you protect yourself in the shade. And if you choose to kick back and relax on the beach..the amazing staff will set you up with your own lounge chair and umbrella wherever you want to sit ! I can’t say enough about the staff and how eager they were to make sure I was comfortable ! 

The hotel also provides transportation to and from the near by Atlantis resort and passes into the water park there so we decided to grab our beach bag and hit the water park for a day. Unlike the Ocean Club, Atlantis did not have umbrellas with every lounge chair but they did have some scattered here and there and also areas shaded by trees, so I would suggest getting to Atlantis when they open the water park to ensure you can reserve your spot in the shade. Some areas of the water park were a little difficult for my weak legs due to hills or stairs we needed to climb to reach the top of the slides so I wasn’t able to spend a full day there but it was definitely a fun place and as lupus friendly as any water park can be. 

On the beach at Ocean Club there are plenty of water sport activities included in your stay , such as kayaking and snorkeling equipment… Or you can be a little more adventurous for a reasonable fee and rent jet skis by the hour. I , for one , love a good combination of both relaxation and a little adventure so we opted for an hour of jet ski time and had a blast! Riding out in the crystal blue water and jumping a few small waves was exhilarating and a memory I’m glad I made with my husband but my aching joints couldn’t wait to get back to that comfy lounge chair with a fresh piña colada in my hand! 

 Over all I would say our experience at Ocean Club was nothing short of spectacular ! From amazing service and breath taking views to a property that’s quiet and easy on the ole lupus legs.. It’s definitely a place I hope to be able to visit again. 

Wishing you plenty of spoons,

Meredith~ the traveling lupus warrior. 


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Let me take a few minutes to introduce myself to you. I am a 34 year old woman who was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus and Antiphospholipid syndrome after waking up one morning in September of 2014 with total numbness down my right side, extreme fatigue and confusion. Like most patients with invisible illness/autoimmune disease, my quest for a diagnosis was not quick or easy. I went through several different symptom stages, flares, doctors who couldn't figure it out, doctors who wrote me off as being stressed, and even family members who tried to chalk it up to stress. Frustrating is the word that comes to mind, or shall I say, frustrating is just the tip of the iceberg of emotions . I am a nurse, mother of three fabulous children, and the wife of an amazing man who is my rock, my sanity, my comedian, and my cheerleader. Every day is a struggle, a choice , and a gift. I will be completely honest with everyone and say that I have gone through various stages of emotions since that morning, often repeating stages, and I want my fellow lupus warriors to know that its okay to cycle through emotions. I decided to start a blog when I became vocal about my illness to friends, co-workers, and on social media...several people reached out to me and suggested a blog and told me how much it was helping them to hear from me. So the big question was..what on earth could I blog about concerning lupus that there wasn't already an article out there? The smaller question was , do I want to focus my energy on the negative mundane lupus topics such as flares, medications, pain, effects of chronic illness on your family? No, I don't want to focus on all of those things, I want to help, I want to get back in the swing of life enjoying everything and every second regardless of my disease, and I want to help you do the same.

My husband and I love to travel and we do it often. This past December we went to The Bahamas and stayed at The Ocean Club, I went on and on to him about how fabulous the hair dryer was because it was so light that I could actually tolerate holding my arms up long enough and yet it dried my hair quickly and without frizz ( ladies, don't we all agree that hotel toiletries and accommodations are a big deal?!) When we were getting ready on our last night there, my husband said you should keep up with all of the different hair dryers we have when we travel and write about it...hmmmm good idea! So how does my hair dryer finding lead me to lupus friendly travels you ask, because we all want to enjoy our travels and we all want good hair and good skin and the ability to do the activities planned for our trip...but it effects the lupus patient so differently than others. So join me in our travels and in all of the things and places that we find who make for Lupus Friendly Travels! Lets get packing...

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