I’m over it! Lupus, that is. 

Well hello there , it’s me again! I haven’t blogged in months , I’ve been busy starting my new business , but today I felt inspired to do a little venting disguised as productive blogging!

So as some of you may know , I am a nurse who has worked in some capacity of healthcare for the last 11 years , but as lupus does, it changed that for me.  This summer I decided that feeling useless and losing my career woman vibe just wasn’t going to cut it for me , regardless of my diagnosis or medications. After lots of support from my patient husband , some training , business planning and amazing clients… I can now say my new business, Lash Sass, LLC. , is up and running and making this girl feel useful again! 

So where does my venting come in? ( I promise , I’m beyond grateful and ecstatic about my business ) Well… stress! It’s stressful starting something new , taking risks , training , practicing … and managing a chronic illness AND just as I got the hang of it and things became routine … DREADED WINTER HIT!  And we all know what the DREADED WINTER is like for us lupus warriors!!   Cold temps, shorter days, lots of rain ( in East Texas ) which all adds up to lots of PAIN!   So basically I’m over it, over the winter, over the pain… I’m done ! I’m over telling my family at 5pm that I’m going to soak in hot water and put my pajamas on because it’s all I can do to avoid pain pills … I’m over having to ask my husband to pick something up for me because bending over is like running a marathon… I’m over the ugly heating pad being left out on the couch because I need it  all day every day !  So who is with me ? Anyone else over it?  

And then there’s the dreaded bad hair days that come with rainy days.. aren’t bad hair days of lupus warriors bad enough? So I’ve now built my arsenal of hair supplies to a new level of ridiculous to manage through. If any of you are wondering how to disguise thinning hair with small bald spots.. please check out the products in the picture below! You’re welcome!  I do believe the sweet ladies who work at the local Ulta know me by name now ! 

Tired of my negativity / venting session yet? Since diagnosed I have tried to be an advocate, an educator , and positive… but dang it let’s just be real and admit that we all have these days ( ok, weeks ) where positivity is lost somewhere between those rain clouds and the super sized bottle of ibuprofen.  So to my fellow lupus warriors out there who have read blog after blog about being a champion warrior , dealing with your grief , celebrating your good days… I hope today I gave you just a little bit of security that none of us are champion warriors every day! If you want to have a vent session, have it! Just remember that tomorrow is a new day, and I’m praying really hard that it’s accompanied by some sunshine ! 

Raising my ibuprofen bottle and saying cheers,

Meredith , the traveling lupus warrior 


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Let me take a few minutes to introduce myself to you. I am a 34 year old woman who was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus and Antiphospholipid syndrome after waking up one morning in September of 2014 with total numbness down my right side, extreme fatigue and confusion. Like most patients with invisible illness/autoimmune disease, my quest for a diagnosis was not quick or easy. I went through several different symptom stages, flares, doctors who couldn't figure it out, doctors who wrote me off as being stressed, and even family members who tried to chalk it up to stress. Frustrating is the word that comes to mind, or shall I say, frustrating is just the tip of the iceberg of emotions . I am a nurse, mother of three fabulous children, and the wife of an amazing man who is my rock, my sanity, my comedian, and my cheerleader. Every day is a struggle, a choice , and a gift. I will be completely honest with everyone and say that I have gone through various stages of emotions since that morning, often repeating stages, and I want my fellow lupus warriors to know that its okay to cycle through emotions. I decided to start a blog when I became vocal about my illness to friends, co-workers, and on social media...several people reached out to me and suggested a blog and told me how much it was helping them to hear from me. So the big question was..what on earth could I blog about concerning lupus that there wasn't already an article out there? The smaller question was , do I want to focus my energy on the negative mundane lupus topics such as flares, medications, pain, effects of chronic illness on your family? No, I don't want to focus on all of those things, I want to help, I want to get back in the swing of life enjoying everything and every second regardless of my disease, and I want to help you do the same.

My husband and I love to travel and we do it often. This past December we went to The Bahamas and stayed at The Ocean Club, I went on and on to him about how fabulous the hair dryer was because it was so light that I could actually tolerate holding my arms up long enough and yet it dried my hair quickly and without frizz ( ladies, don't we all agree that hotel toiletries and accommodations are a big deal?!) When we were getting ready on our last night there, my husband said you should keep up with all of the different hair dryers we have when we travel and write about it...hmmmm good idea! So how does my hair dryer finding lead me to lupus friendly travels you ask, because we all want to enjoy our travels and we all want good hair and good skin and the ability to do the activities planned for our trip...but it effects the lupus patient so differently than others. So join me in our travels and in all of the things and places that we find who make for Lupus Friendly Travels! Lets get packing...

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  1. Meredith I have no idea what it’s like to have lupus, but I have read your blogs and read up on this. I can say that I admire how you keep on fighting to make your life as normal and pain free as you can. I think about you and others every morning when I see the clouds and rain. I hope someday there will be better help and possibly a cure for this debilitating disease. You are certainly an inspiration and strength to others. I’m sure your blog helps others to warrior on just like you!


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